A Valentine history lesson with busy fingers!

A Valentine history lesson with busy fingers!

We love history here at Stag & Bow, stories, reasons why things are the way they are. Pia (our girl Friday) has been doing a little delving into what and why this Valentines business is what it is anyway…

Valentinus, martyred on February 14th in 270 AD is the historical figure officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as St Valentine. A flower-adorned skull, possibly his, is displayed in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Rome and many reliquaries around the globe are said to contain other parts of the skeleton of the man whose good deeds are lost to history. But this Valentine is just one of many Valentines littered across the centuries who have fed into the legend we celebrate today as St Valentine, the Patron Saint of Love, engaged couples and happy marriages.
The long list of namesakes from the last fifteen centuries includes one Valentina, a Bishop and a Pope, all of whom have helped define the elusive St Valentine, but it was Chaucer in the Middle Ages who linked the Saint and Courtly Love together forever in two lines from his Parliament of Foules. This is the first ever literary reference to a day in his name dedicated to lovers.
“For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day
Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate,”
In his name we offer flowers, gifts and Valentine’s cards, and in some places keys, but he also intervenes in matters of bees, fainting, travelling and epilepsy! 

So, we too are sharing the love and Pia has come up with a neat little pattern for those that fancy whipping up a knitted heart or two! We made up a load and have them in our Valentines window. They’ll look lovely stitched to a velvet cushion or stitched to a blanket, stitched to anything really. You could stitch two together and stuff them. Adding a little sachet of something that smells delightful in the middle…. We’d love to see yours if you can’t fight the urge to make and share!

At Stag and Bow there is much to choose from to keep the love alive! Look at our social media or pop into the shop for vouchers, workshops, a chin wag and gifts. In fact tomorrow we have a marvellous Brush lettering workshop with the brilliant Rebecca of Betty Ettiqutte if you want to get your love letters a head start…. 


Love Stag & Bow x 



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