A little chat with Lovely Lisa Stickley

A little chat with Lovely Lisa Stickley

Lisa Stickley is coming to Stag & Bow this Friday 18th May to celebrate the launch of her amazing new craft book ;

‘Makes for Mini folk’  25 projects to make for the little people in your life

Join us from 3pm – 8pm for tea, cakes or an evening tipple!

We asked Lisa a few questions about her amazing career..


Hi Lisa! Tell us a little about your background…


I am a designer, maker, author & illustrator. I studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins and The RCA graduating in the early noughties. I’m a committed lover of cabbage and marshmallows (although not necessarily at the same time) and have a penchant for collecting piles of old lined paper to doodle on.

I previously designed and made products that sold all over the world (bags, purses, tea towels, mugs…) and had a shop in South London selling these things. I’ve worked with folk from Burberry to Boots and have learnt a lot along the way!

I giggle to myself most days in the studio. I’m sure this isn’t normal…

My children’s books include Handstand (Pavilion), My New Room (Pavilion). The New Baby (Pavilion) and Dress Like Mummy (Boxer Books). With more on the way!

How did you get inspired to start your own business?

I haven’t really ever done anything else, starting in my bedroom at my parents house many years ago, to my flat in south London, then in a bigger capacity complete with shop, backers and a team manufacturing and selling product worldwide, or as I am now, happily getting on with things on my own in my mini studio at home where I can focus on my strengths, designing, creating and being a mum.


How did you begin writing books?

I was faced with a somewhat abrupt career change back in 2015 (my eldest daughter was almost one). I didn’t quite know what to do with myself but knew I needed to step away from the business world. A few friends and relatives independently encouraged me to have a go at writing some children’s books, so I did and was extremely lucky to be picked up by the wonderful publishing house Pavilion. After a while I started working with my brilliant agent Jodie at United Agents and now have lots of books bubbling away in the pipeline. I think I’ve found my happy place.


So we’ve heard you are having 5 different books published this year…what’s your secret super power?


I’m very lucky to love what I do, and super super jammy that some other folk seem to like it too! I have always been quite prolific, for me work is an outlet I guess. I’m also incredibly fortunate to have two rather wonderful mini muses who challenge me and keep me entertained every day! Oh and coffee helps a lot too, especially when working on a sewing book… MANY nights were had last summer working until 4am then getting up at 5am with the little ones! Yes, coffee is the super power, and chocolate!


What do your mornings look like? What gets you going for the day?


Ahem. Well… coffee. Oats and bananas whizzed up into a smoothie, chasing the girls around the house to get them dressed. Then on a workday they head off to play-school and I head straight to my ‘writing den’ (which has turned into a bit of a making den too these days). I normally get an audio book or podcast on the go and crack on with the project in hand!


Where are you most inspired?


Anywhere and everywhere. I seem to subconsciously absorb things all the time and they go into the whizzy roundabout in my head and pop out again when I least expect it. For things that are an obvious inspiration I have painted the kitchen cupboards with blackboard paint to chalk them down immediately.


Some things/ initial ideas can be up there or in a notebook for months and months before they develop into an actual idea for a book or project. Sketchbooks both physical and digital are great for browsing when actively searching for inspiration, but I don’t think a creative mind ever really switches off.


Where is your happy place? 


In the garden or on the beach with my husband, girls, some scotch eggs and a sketchbook that we all doodle in!


What piece of work are you most proud of?


I’m working on it…



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