Who are we…

                         Pascale                                        Cyrus

Stag & Bow is a celebration of making, sharing skills, stories and knowledge, materials and history. As well as our beautiful shop we also run informal, informative and inspiring craft and textile workshops.

Stag & Bow is a labour of love for us – Cyrus and Pascale, it is a culmination of both of our lives work so far. Cyrus is a genius woodworker and designer with experience of  varied design disciplines, although always with a focus on the poetic side of materials, objects and how people relate to them. He had been teaching design in a secondary school in south London for three years before leaving to immerse himself in this project. Pascale is happiest when making, having many sticky fingers in many textile pies. From weaving to then tailoring a garment from the woven cloth. A majority of her formal training was undertaken in Melbourne, Australia, following which she set up a successful children’s clothes label before returning to live in the UK.

We are evangelically passionate about the history of the materials that we use whilst respecting and reveling in, the associated processes. Through our choice of materials, we celebrate its scars and the memories held within it, whether literal or emotional, ourselves adding another layer before the object is passed on to become part of someone else’s history.

Cyrus and Pascale regularly take on private commissions for bespoke furniture, clothing, home wares and more. To see what we’re about please pop in and talk to us directly or drop us a line via email or telephone –


0208 291 4992