Beginners Itajime – Sunday 13th May – 1:30pm – 4pm

Beginners Itajime – Sunday 13th May – 1:30pm – 4pm


Beginners Itajime £50   You can take our Shibori and Itajim Class for £90

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Beginners Itajime – Sunday 13th May 1:30pm – 4pm £50

Beginners Itajime clamped resist

This workshop will teach the three basic folding techniques for preparing fabric for clamp resist dyeing, known as “Kikko” – equilateral triangles, right angle triangles and squares. These can be varied in many ways to achieve different effects.
You will then learn how to bind, stitch and clamp these prepared fabrics to product a variety of intricate patterns. A large choice of clamps are available to use singly or in combination.

The traditional Japanese technique of “Sekka” or “Snowflake” pattern will also be demonstrated.

Instructions on how to create and maintain your own indigo vat at home will be provided.

Suitable for complete beginners. A good quality strong 5oz cotton tote bag is included in the price of the workshop. All other materials and tools are provided.

You will be taught you how to unpick your finished work and reveal your designs.

You will also learn how to dye with indigo using a pre-prepared vat using high quality Mayan indigo.

You can take both the Itajime and Shibori for £90 use the coupon code indigo double at check out.

About the tutor:

London-based Romor Designs was formed in the autumn of 2015 by Rob Jones, a shibori textiles designer and natural dyer.

Having discovered Shibori, the ancient Japanese art of resist dyeing, at West Dean college, Rob went on to study in Japan under indigo guru, Bryan Whitehead.

Rob’s passion is in finding the new in the old, building on the tradition and centuries of skill that shibori has behind it. He believes in taking work in new directions by combining techniques and inventing his own forms.

“The shibori techniques that speak to me are the ones that embrace the life that’s in the fabric and dyes themselves. ”

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