Getting to know your Sewing Machine Part 1 & Part 2 – Wednesday May 2nd & Wednesday May 9th – 7pm – 9pm

Getting to know your Sewing Machine Part 1 & Part 2 – Wednesday May 2nd & Wednesday May 9th – 7pm – 9pm


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Getting to know your Sewing Machine Part 1 and Part 2- Wednesday 2nd May & Wednesday 9th May- 7pm – 9pm £65

Helping you to understand your sewing machine and to build the confidence to start creating. Marie Taylor an SE23 based tailor will be showing you how to use your own machine. If you don’t have one yet you can test drive Stag and Bow’s domestic machine. Learn about the different stitches and how and why you need to adjust them. Focusing on the basics from threading to sewing and machine maintenance. You will be introduced to  needle sizes, variations in fabrics and threads. Simple, effective techniques of how to control your work and achieve secure, neat and decorative finishes. Demystify the manual and familiarize yourself with common terminology. The first week session will focus on getting to grips with the machine. In the second week you will be putting your newly acquired skills to the test by making a handy shopping bag. Lots of helpful tips and handouts. Plenty of support in a friendly and welcoming environment.  

Tutor Marie Taylor is Chalk & Feather Tailors, based in London, SE23.

‘My Life as a Tailor stems from my passion for hand craft, Vintage, costume and style. I design, pattern cut and create garments to a range of specifications. I have worked on projects for the Royal Opera House, National Theatre, English National Opera House & Madame Tussauds. My specialities include alterations, hand finishing and sprinkling magic over vintage favourites through upcycling and restoration.

Tailoring allows me to explore my creative, aesthetic and technical whims. It spills into all aspects of my life, including being the member of a Lace Circle where I create bobbin and needle lace. Essentially, if it is textile based or requires needle and thread I am there!’




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